Check it out! 

I haven’t abandoned Killer Relations just been doing so background work. I finally did a shoot for this promo image and figured out all the credits, oh gosh. 

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Seriously I didn’t spend forever working on this just to have it stolen. 


Me as Black Cat!

24.Feb.14 1 month ago

Just a couple quick park shots. 

Sony A-77
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20.Feb.14 2 months ago

Becoming a Household Name….

Apparently, no one told me that getting your name out there and recognized was going to be much harder than you’d think. Also…no one told me that trademarking something is more complicated than just paying the government to register your name as yours. Well, lesson learned.  Alas, a little hard work never killed anyone…unless it did…then they were doing something wrong. Let’s not make light of that particular situation and move on to happier topics. 


This is big news…where are the balloons and the streamers? Girl’s got to do everything herself, eh? No worries, if you want it done right do it yourself. 

That’s pretty much all the new’s I’ve got for right now…I’m off to make some more art.


25.Jan.14 2 months ago

AWA Con 2013!

Sorry it took so long. Just figured out how to beat the 10MB photo upload limit.
Click for high quality! 

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01.Nov.13 5 months ago

There comes a day in everyone’s life when the simplest of objects earn a second glance. 

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01.Nov.13 5 months ago

I put my cat in sweaters to help with the cold.

22.Oct.13 6 months ago

Here’s more of Lafayette fresh out of Lightroom!

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20.Oct.13 6 months ago

Here’s my friend Lafayette dressed as Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler who was really helpful and testing how well my green screen does in shoots. The only thing I don’t like about this shoot is the lack of extra lighting. (poo)

19.Oct.13 6 months ago

I met a guy at a gas station and he let me take photos of his awesome Lambo.

I met a guy at a gas station and he let me take photos of his awesome Lambo

I went clubbing with my cousin and I couldn’t resist the light play. 

My friend’s little cousins are the cutest little girls. 

24.Sep.13 7 months ago

Goodbye Panama City!